Stocks Results, Analysis & Outlook Video for Twitter and Intel Jan 2017

Stocks Results, Analysis & Outlook Video for Twitter and Intel Jan 2017

Today we will be looking reviewing our previous prediction for both Twitter as well as looking for the outlook on the Intel markets.

On Twitter, we will be looking at a completely technical approach and as you may recall from about 4 months ago we forecasted the Twitter would continue to fall from the weekly supply zone at $24.  Well it’s still happening! See The Video!

We are looking for price to move down to 14 which is the low of last year.  Right now I’m expecting a little movement up to the supply zone at $17.42 before continuing back down.  This area also may turn into a little rangy as price need to recreate some resistance in the $16.00 range.  Bottom line is that we are in a downtrend and expecting price to give a good possible entry point if you are not already short.

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On the Intel stock, we are looking at the pure technical analysis of what price action is telling us.  In the big picture, we are seeing the completion of the uptrend pullback.  We are looking for price to range this week back down to $36.  Then we expect price should break $38.38 which is the high of the last year.  So right now as we prepare for the break of $38.38 we need to put in some good demand as supply become demand for continued moves to the upside.

The other thing that I could also see happening is a Gap move that would explode into new highs.  So the trend move is up.  What about people that don’t think things are going so well for Intel.  Well we are at the top of the yearly highs so we could see a failure of price action to break the high here.  Either way this week I see price moving down to the daily demand zone at $36.69 before rallying to break the highs.  Bottom line is that price in an uptrend but at a decision point right now.  Let the Trend be your friend and run with it and don’t try to stand it front of it.

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