Want to Invest in Marijuana Stocks? Watch this Video

Before Investing in Marijuana Stocks, Watch this Video (and get Paranoid)

With yet another Marijuana Stock planning to uplist to the Nasdaq, are Marijuana stocks the next big thing?

In case you’ve missed it, the marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. In North America, according to cannabis research firm ArcView, the legal weed industry is expected to reach nearly $25 billion in annual sales by 2021. That works out to a compound annual growth rate of 28% between now and then, placing it among the fastest-growing industries on the planet.

The public’s perception toward pot also continues to shift. What had once been a taboo drug that no politician would dare discuss is now a topic covered in most U.S. elections, and even discussed within American households. Numerous polls over the past year have found overwhelming support for the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana.

Of course, no country has led the charge for pot progressivism more than Canada. As the United States is proving unwavering on its Schedule I classification of cannabis, Canada has stepped forward to become the industry’s outlet. With legislation currently being reviewed in parliament, Canada appears set to become the first developed country in the world, and second overall behind Uruguay, to have legalized recreational marijuana by this summer. And With a tax-deal in place with all but one province (Manitoba), legalization simply seems like a formality at this point.

Will Marijuana stocks ever pay dividends to shareholders?

While the experts would like to say either “yes” or “no,” there are far too many variables at play to determine whether the marijuana industry can generate consistent dividend income for investors. But what can be said with relative certainty is the potential for marijuana stocks to have strong growth in stock price and a mix of strong growth stocks is always great for investors portfolios.


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