Apple AAPL and Motorola MSI stock weekly forecast Sept. 25th

AAPL and MSI Technical Analysis Video

This week we will be looking at two mobile companies AAPL and MSI.  As they begin to battle for top dog in the online streaming world.


Apple has launched it’s new Iphone 8 and Iphone X(10) version this year.  So what does that mean in store for Apple.  From a technical aspect Apple is just about in a good buy zone. Starting at 157.41 down to 154.63  I believe that price will bounce here and retest the highs as price is in an uptrend.


On Motorola, This is the last area for price to bounce from for the uptrend to hold.  If we see a break / close below 83.81 zone then price will be in a new downtrend.  If price can close above 86. then I think we could see a retest of the highs at 92. as of right now the Trend is up on the the daily timeframe still. Overall, I’m expecting the uptrend to continue so this zone from 84.70 down to 83.81 would be a nice buy zone to my only concern is the daily down trend line holding diagonal resistance.

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