Forex Analysis Video with Future Predictions GBPAUD and GBPCAD Week March 27th

Forex Analysis Video with Future Predictions GBPAUD and GBPCAD Week March 27th

This week we will be looking at a couple British pound markets.

On the GBPAUD, Price has beating some temporary supply at 1.6361 and since this has happen I’m looking for price to move up to 1.7000 overall. On the daily time-frame. We see price failing to break the low.  Therefore, we are expecting price to retest supply at 1.6383 daily supply zone and continuing to move to the upside. On the four hour time-frame we are looking at a little resistance that price is currently hitting.  This is interesting, but since we believe that price has hit a major reversal point I think price will continue to fly to the upside.

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On the GBPCAD, price has also just broke a weekly supply zone and we are looking for it to move up to the 1.7010 weekly supply zone. This however is a really big perspective idea and for the following week, we are expecting to just see price remain going up. Right now price is hitting a purple APA supply zone and it should go this this zone without a problem to much. Overall, The Pound is going rallying on multiple markets it looks like it’s going continue to rally for the foreseeable future.  Not a bad time to be British.

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