Sal – xBrat Algo

Sal – xBrat Algo

Using the XBratAlgo on MNQ 60 min chart, there was a 6 star buy signal and price had crossed above my resistance zone. Price was also above my 10/20 day moving average. I entered at $11783 and exited at the first red Heiken Ashi candle at $12110 for a$650 profit on my first day using the new tool. Fantastic indicator.

Doug Quitmeyer – Inner Circle

Doug Quitmeyer – Inner Circle

My name is Doug Quitmeyer. I have been trading utilizing Trade the Fifth indicators for almost two years now and been a part of Paul’s Inner Circle for about a year. It is great to wake up in the morning and trade with other serious traders from all over the globe, and to not only learn from (and with) Paul, but each other. Furthermore, I have been able to form friendships with my fellow traders, which is awesome because trading is a lonely “sport”.

I like to think of myself as a Gold trader, it is the single Future’s product that I focus on day in and day out. Others in the group like Platinum, or Copper, or are Market Indicie traders. Anytime we see a trade that meets our setups, we call it out and everyone switches over to look and see if it is something that we want to be in or not.

If you can imagine 4 to 5 days a week, 2 to 3 hours a day in the mornings, getting repetitive looks at trades, set ups, over time I have refined my rules, which has gained me patience (most days, I’m still human), and given me a broader understanding of the markets and how they interact with each other.

Throughout my experience, we have constantly relayed trading ideas, worked on signals, refined our watchlists, always concentrating on refining, entering and executing. We have become more focused on the Futures that we trade, more focused on the Equities that we trade, and the results for me have been awesome.

Margaret Piershale  – Inner Circle Member

Margaret Piershale – Inner Circle Member

Joining the Inner Circle with Paul Bratby has been a prosperous blessing. It as been a prosperous investment to my trading career.

No matter what business you are in, I have always believed in investing in yourself if you want to prosper and grow, with continuing education, coaching classes, etc.  Therefore, I have joined countless trading classes, taken expensive trading seminars, to no avail.  Actually, I would loose more money using their methodologies.
My decision to join Paul Bratby’s inner circle was based on Paul’s extensive trading knowledge and his account pass performances, all his innovative softwares on trading, (my favorite is the Elliott Wave. It’s like a trading GPS), the personal attention he gives to all the traders in our group, the comradery of our small group of traders.
After joining, it was to my pleasant surprise on how disciplined Paul is with his stops and risk on every trade (especially in futures). He also has generous selections on stocks to trade.  If ever in doubt, Paul is always helpful  with analysis on stocks and futures.
It has been less than a year, and my accounts has been All Time High!  My life is very busy and I trade part time at best and I love that our meetings are in the mornings and usually ends before 10:00am. Plus we have the Inner Circle hangout app to communicate any exciting moves in the market during the day!
If you are searching for the perfect trading coach, Paul Bratby’s Inner Circle is by far the best!
Nick Turner, Texas – Inner Circle Member

Nick Turner, Texas – Inner Circle Member

Paul is a trading professional with decades of experience. After using and being part of his Inner Circle for a year, I am confident when I say that Paul has the strongest winning trade system I have experienced in my 30 years of personal trading.