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Swing Trading Alert Service Results 2017

Jim Roberts

"MTB swing trading from Paul Bratby is an outstanding service. His batting average is running 87% +. This was the best investment of all time. I have followed him since July 17/17."

Mark Visser

I have been following Paul for a few months now and can say that it is by far the best trading service i have ever subscribed to. And i have subscribed to many alert services, at far higher cost ($$$ hundreds per month). Paul’s analysis is not only excellent, he clearly shares his knowledge/strategy which has benefited me greatly and allowed me to see what was missing in my trading before. With my long standing (9 years and not always positive) experience of subscriptions i had my reservations at first but i must admit i was blown away by the accuracy and number of winning trades the service offers and have closed several great winners over the past month. For anyone serious about swing trading, MTB Pro is essential. I consider myself lucky having met Paul, it’s really turning my trading around. Paul’s experience as a money manager is invaluable and I highly recommend the service to every one i know.


I’ve been a member since it started and I can tell you that the daily swing trading advisory service from Paul is brilliant . The selected trades are rock solid and the spreadsheet is simple enough to follow. It is refreshing to see someone running a solid service that isn’t out to milk you dry squeezing an indicator a week package out of you. For the investment in a years worth of his service I don’t think you can do better than what MTB Pro has to offer. I’ll be here as long as Paul keeps up the great service as a new raving fan. I’ve been in a number of services over the years, this one is a keeper.

Raja Bilawal Turk

Paul puts theory to practice, i have data science background, and one thing that i am confident about is probability of trades turing in our favour. If one is disciplined, and has a money management plan in place, you are in best trading room.
During last 45 trading days, taking 1.50% risk on my trading account balance, i was able to close $52393 in profits, for me this is 20.96% of my TAB.


Paul sharing his experience & knowlege has been invaluable to me & my trading .
I’ve been at this a very long time , ( with a very time-demanding full time job & limited time to do my own research ) , and like others who commented before me , I too have subscribed to other services at a much higher cost , and have had mixed results at best . Mixed results can always be expected , but you certainly want the mix to wind up in your favor , net net !  I’m super happy to have found him online & sure hope he continues on for a very long time . Conservative entry/exit points , daily commentary , & a proven track record all add up to a VERY winning combination . I’m a subscriber for life .
"Fantastic 71% Profit on Trading Account Balance in 2017 for the Stocks Swing Trading Signal Daily Video Service which is part of the My Trading Buddy Pro membership Package
2018 is going to be awesome!"
Paul Bratby
Founder & CEO of
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