Stocks Forecast for COST NFLX Week of Dec 12th

Stocks Forecast COST and NFLX Week of Dec 12th 

Here is our in-depth prediction video analysis for Netflix and Costco.  Stocks are forecasted with price action for the up and coming week using the Advanced Price Action Zones trend following system.  APA Zones uses automatic zones, trend entries and targets.  Systematic trading software, education and market predicting is what we do at APA Zones.  We have something for any type of trader, for any market.  

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On Netflix NFLX this coming week we are looking at price being on the top of the yearly range.  Expect price to continue up to $133.  This week I expect price to move down and possible range around the area that it current is, $120.   Look for a little pullback to the downside before we make it to the top of the range.  Moving up into the top of the range of $130, we want to be aware of how close we are weekly/daily supply zones.  This retest could be slow as we move into the highs at the end of the year.

On Costco COST, we broke through the range of the last month and are in blue sky up to $162. We may see a gap close back down to the $152; a basic flip-flop zone if you will.  So, we have a lot of room to move to the upside.  This big break out of the range is not a new “trend” move, and breaks our down trend that we see on the daily.  For a simple setup, look for a retest of the low to a zone and then go long after confirmation for long term trade.

As with all of our stockmarket predictions, you must use more than the zones themselves, price action dictates how to use them.  Our toolbox is built to help you see what price is doing, and use it to your advantage and pick the right trade at the right time.

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