APA Zones Fx Forecast USDJPY and GBPUSD Week of Nov 28

Fx Forecast week Nov 28th – USDJPY & GBPUSD

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We are looking at the USDJPY and the GBPUSD this week with the APA Zones supply and demand zone trading software. We use our sophisticated neural network to identify trend with zone logic.

On $USDJPY we have been predicting and watching the new uptrend form and continue. Over the past three weeks we have really seen price expand. Last week we predicted that price would move up to the supply zone at 110. This week guess where we are no, up in that zone.

On GBPUSD, we drew a counter trend trend-line to the upside about 3 weeks ago.  This week we see price still bouncing off that line. Now GBPUSD has been range bound for the last couple of week. Price action is telling us that there will be a breakout of this range soon. So we are looking for price to break the daily supply zone or the most recent pivot then we could see price move with the trend to the downside.

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