APA Zones Fx Forecast – Week 16th Oct AUDJPY EURGBP

Fx Forecast October 16th

Join us As we look at trading supply and demand zones on the Forex markets join us as we use our trend follow approach to use supply demand zones in the direction of trend. Here’s our Fx forecast for these following pairs:

EURUSD – Rangy Market not looking to do anything here.  Looking for the pullback to upside then continue down, but need to wait.

AUDCAD – Look for breakout of the range to the upside on the weekly, looking for pullback to upside.

AUDJPY – Trend still is down, Looking for the short, market is now rangy. Looking for the down move to continue from the top part of the range.

AUDUSD – Weekly trend-line is still holding.  Look for a retest of daily demand zone. It’s in a hard wedge.

EURGBP – Still uptrend to continue, Looking for a pullback to demand zones @ .8843.
forex forecast
GBPJPY – Trend is down, looking for a pullback to the upside this week before continuation. So, look for price action confirmation to the downside in supply zone.

GBPNZD – Break to the down happened and waiting for little retest of supply zone at 1.7485

NZDUSD – This week looking long to .7160 as we are looking for pullback before continuing the trend to the downside.

USDCAD – Home on the Range. Looking for pullback down to 1.3127 this week then long.

USDJPY – New trend to the upside! look for price to climb out of 104.16 and shoot up to 105.97 zone.


Traders spend tens of thousands of dollars on education trying to learn the answer to the million dollar question…where is actual supply and demand?  Once you know where these levels ACTUALLY are you must be able to locate them the exact same way every time to have consistent trades.  This is what veteran traders do.

What if a system automatically gave you these relevant  levels, drawn the same way every time so you analysis was consistent?   Most supply and demand indicators do not give relevant levels that price interacts with correctly time and time again, which is what makes APA Zones algorithmic software so unique and valuable.  And this is only the beginning of what APA Zones can do for your trading! Click-the-button.-See-what-happens.-I-dare-you

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