APA Zones Fx Forecast USDJPY and AUDJPY Week of Dec 12th

Fx Forecast week Dec 12th USDJPY AUDJPY

Join us As we look at trading supply and demand zones on the Forex markets, video on USDJPY and  AUDJPY join us as we use our trend follow approach to use supply demand zones in the direction of trend.  See more markets, as questions and learn to predict your chosen markets on your time frame.  Join us and get the tools of the trade today!

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We are looking at the USDJPY and the AUDJPY this week with the APA Zones supply and demand automatic zone trading software. We use our sophisticated neural network to identify trend with zone logic and price action for you.

Join us every week as we do our weekly swing pub where we looking at main Forex pairs and find those amazing supply and demand zone principles working out on the big time frames.

This week we will be diving into USDJPY and AUDJPY marketing with our forward thinking APA Zones trend following technique.  Here is our thoughts for this coming week:

EURUSD – Trend is down. Got a pullback back up and were looking for price to continue with trend below the weekly demand zone at 1.0461

AUDCAD – Bottom didn’t hold so now we are looking for it to move back down to .9800 demand zone as price action suggests that we will retest the demand area even lower. (2nd week in a row)

AUDJPY – Trend is up and looking long buy low sell high (3rd week in the row)
Looking for price to hit 86.21

AUDUSD – At the bottom of the Weekly / daily range looking for bounce to the upside to the .7524 daily supply level. (2nd week in a row)

EURGBP – Great pullback up to daily supply zone at .8567 (Still looking for price to break down in a possible new downtrend-2nd week)

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GBPJPY – Trend is changing now to the upside, as we have broken some major resistance and supply.  We got a close above weekly supply zone top of 143.11, so now we are in an uptrend.  We need to looking for a good pullback to get long as price could approach the 160 level here in then next 6 months to a year. (3nd week in a row)

GBPNZD – Price broke supply at 1.7981 and now looking for price to start a new uptrend. We will see if price respect the bottom of the daily demand zone at 1.7379 in our new possible uptrend.

NZDUSD – This coming week looking for price to move up. Overall looking for price to continue down, but have to wait to see if price will come back up to .7310 and give us a money bounce back down with trend. We are in a short pullback area right now on the daily.

USDCAD – looking for price to push into the weekly/daily demand zone at 1.3127 and the bounce to the uptrend to continue.

USDJPY – Consolidation this week.  Look for price to break 115 then retest new support / demand around the 114 level.

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