Futures & Options Forecast FCX & Copper Nov 14th

Futures Forecast Week of Nov 14th – Special Video analysis for long term trading. Learn how to use copper to enter into short term FCX NYSE trade, or long term copper position.

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Here is a look at the market landscape after the Trump Victory.This is a look at copper in general and FCX NYSE specifically as a way to enter a trade right now. The video outlines a possible long position strategy with call options.  We are not shooting for the large $4.00+ copper supply area, at least short term.   APA Zones has given us some closer targets to shoot for in the long term.

We have recently hit a very important demand area and have seen a spike out of it.  Therefore, based on the software and price action analysis, it is expected to continue.  This can be used to your advantage multiple ways.  There is more than one way to make money on a trade, and the concepts taught here can be applied to any style of trading.

futures forecast

To do our weekly Futures forecast, we use our elite neural network software to define the trend on each market.  This is done using multiple criteria and all automatic in the Elite system.  You can never be right 100% of the time, but we should all have a plan, and then react with the market as it changes.  When price moves and breaks through or bounces off the zones, the software automatically changes and adapts to the market to help keep you from being on the wrong side of a trade.

Want to see any market predicted with APA Zones, try the software yourself! It is a true fractal, which means it will work on any time-frame. Click-the-button.-See-what-happens.-I-dare-youInteractive Chart: We have included an interactive chart below where you can keep an eye on FCX NYSE, Pop out the chart, change time frames and use drawing tools and indicators.  You can do all your analysis right here in this post!

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