Futures Forecast $ES S&P 500 October 18

$ES Futures Forecast

Is the Emini S&P 500 having a fire sale?

SP500 has broken down out of the wedge it’s been in for several weeks. Could this be a the beginning of the downside slide????  This is solely from a technical analysis standpoint.  With the US presidential elections and all kind of news.  We look at the market things in a simple manner.  This keeps us from getting caught up in emotions and confusion.

futures forecast


Traders spend tens of thousands of dollars on education trying to learn the answer to the million dollar question…where is actual supply and demand?  Once you know where these levels ACTUALLY are you must be able to locate them the exact same way every time to have consistent trades.  This is what veteran traders do.

What if a system automatically gave you these relevant  levels, drawn the same way every time so you analysis was consistent?   Most supply and demand indicators do not give relevant levels that price interacts with correctly time and time again.  That is what makes APA Zones algorithmic software so unique and valuable.  And this is only the beginning of what APA Zones can do for your trading!

APA Zones Futures Forecast: 

To do our weekly Futures forecast, we use our elite neural network software to define the trend on each market.  This is done using multiple criteria and all automatic in the Elite system.  You can never be right 100% of the time, but we should all have a plan, and then react with the market as it changes.  When price moves and breaks through or bounces off the zones, the software automatically changes and adapts to the market to help keep you from being on the wrong side of a trade.

To see how APA Zones can help you predict the markets, sign up get a free live demo of APA Elite:


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