Futures Forecast $ES $CL October 11

$CL $ES Futures Forecast

Join us as we look at CL and ES futures this week!

futures forecast

CL is at the top of a range and we are looking for it to go higher into the the $52 level. Russia just came out with some interesting news in regards to the price of Crude going up or them stop selling all together. However, they will not stop production. The market seems to already have that sentiment so we will see if price can’t push into the $60 a barrel.

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On ES and the S&P 500 we have been been wedge pattern for the past several weeks. Look for the breakout to happen here very soon as price as really coiled/consolidated very hard. I’m also looking for the uptrend to continue even though today as we speak price is not in a place to buy right now. So we really have to wait for the breakout and catch price as it pulls back.  Even if the breakout occurs to the downside we will have to wait for a pullback up the area that it’s currently around before going short with the momentum.

APA Zones Futures Forecast: 

To do our weekly Futures forecast, we use our elite neural network software to define the trend on each market.  This is done using multiple criteria and all automatic in the Elite system.  You can never be right 100% of the time, but we should all have a plan, and then react with the market as it changes.  When price moves and breaks through or bounces off the zones, the software automatically changes and adapts to the market to help keep you from being on the wrong side of a trade.

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