Futures Forecast Dow Jones and Gold Outlook Week of Dec 12

Futures Forecast Dow Jones and Gold Outlook Week of Dec 12

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On $YM Dow Jones, up, up, up, and away. We are seeing price just fly away. From a swing trade perspective it’s really hard to get on this as we really need a pullback but everything to the downside has been so small.  The trend is just really strong making low risk entries hard to catch.

On $GC Gold: we have price pushing into a new downtrend.  However, we are looking for price to move back up this week into the $1214 supply zone as week are getting a retest of a daily demand demand zone here at the weekly gap around $1160.  Along the way we are going to be looking for resistance zones on the 4 hour time-frame to give us the typical wave pattern in the markets.

The software that does all of this is quite unique.   Unlike high and low indicators, the algorithm can identify consolidation and areas that price interacts with in a useful way.  It does this as a fractal or pattern repeating itself on any time-frame.  This gives us entries, stops and targets for out trades built right in.  This, in conjunction with a solid foundation of price action allows us to make our analysis and trades.  Our neural network and other indicators are all built on the zones to give you tools to simplify your analysis.

We enjoy talking with other traders, and seeing if we can help you meet your trading goals.

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