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Exclusive to Technician , Trading Safely has been designed in such a way as to take the complex calculations and studies derived from Shaun Downey’s ground breaking book Trading Time: New Methods in Technical Analysis published in 2007 and his Technical Book of the Year 2014, Mapping Your Voyage of Discovery, to create a simplified process and visualisation of what the professional traders use.  Its unique process involves the use of Multiple Timeframe Analysis from Daily up to Yearly data represented on one chart. This can be viewed on your Pc, Tablet or Smartphone.

All of the components of Trading Safely method are derived from the indicators or studies, which means that the logic and techniques are freely available for those who wish to delve deeper. There are no mysteries and this is not a Black Box and we are here to answer any questions.

Trading Safely has been specifically formulated for Individual Stocks on Daily Charts but can be applied up to 20 day charts, and will work on any asset class.

The Blue Triangles represent a positive outlook if it is below the bar or candle and a negative outlook if it is above and is the beginning of the Trade Safely process.  At that point a Pink line and value also appears. This is your protection line so if price closes beyond there you would take a loss. It also tells you what the difference is between your entry price of the trade and the protection point so you can work how how much volume to place on your trade. Remember, we recommend that nobody risks any more than 1% of their total equity on any one position. As time progresses a sequence of numbers appear and a brown line will track the direction of the trade. This is the Trailing protection line.

Each time a number appears it means that you reduce your position by 20 to 25%. Numbers can appear during the day so it is wise to wait to near the close of the day or the following day to make sure that the number is still there.

The chart below is a daily one of Apple. Note that a number 5 appears after a Number 3. This means that there were 2 exits on the same day. Normally the exits would just go up sequentially.

Trading Safely

The next chart shows a short position. 3 numbers appear and the position is finished when a Buy signal appears, which would signal to get long as well.

Trading Safely

Trading Safely is a Grey rather than Black Box, which means that as well as all the components that create it being available , the Trading Safely team mentor, monitor and scan the worlds stock markets and provide insight via the Trading Safely Masterminds Inner Circle on Facebook.

A recent example and a way to introduce the premise of our Software and Service can be found in our Trading Journal for Disney (DIS), Which can be found HERE.


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