Content Marketing for the Finance Sector

Content Marketing for the Finance Sector – A Step-by-Step Guide

Take a seat, fasten your seatbelts and get set to ride the fast-paced rollercoaster of content marketing for the finance sector! Put your hands in the air if you wish, but whatever you do, keep your eyes on the twists and turns ahead because there will be plenty. In a sector governed by regulations, compliant creativity is essential, so here’s how to nail it and fend off competition!

Step 1: Know the Rules – Or Risk More Than a Slap on the Hand

When it comes to finance, you simply can’t do whatever you want like some kind of high-school rebel. Oh no! If you do, regulatory bodies such as CySEC will hunt you down and there will be consequences. So, with this in mind, always follow the rules. There are plenty of them, we know! But the alternative is to get a whopping fine or worse and that’s simply not worth thinking about.

What do you need to do?

  • Read up on GDPR rules for the finance sector implemented in May 2018. These are designed to protect personal data which now must be acquired and held with consent. Sound like old news? Then good, you’re probably doing something right. But if you’re new to the industry or could do with a refresher then GDPR with all its intricacies is for you.
  • Understand social media ad bans and marketing blocks. Knowing what you can and can’t do on social platforms is essential. While crypto, blockchain and ICO ads may be hard to pass by the Facebook, Twitter or Google warriors, it’s still perfectly possible to have an omni-channel presence by using other techniques such as influencer marketing and storytelling.
  • Check out our latest Regulation Roundups. These are designed to cover all the industry latest and will help to inform a compliant content strategy.

Step Two: Know Your Target Audience

It’s highly likely that the conversations you have with your Grandma are different from those held with your friends down the pub. Tailoring what you say to the right audience is part of life and no different when it comes to the content sector. In order to really hit home with consumers, make an impact and increase ROI, you simply must know who you’re talking to. That might mean doing research and plenty of it. Once you’ve the key stats you can start to channel your marketing messages appropriately and work out the best platforms and sites to place content.

Step Three: Keep Up With All the Latest Trends

Trends aren’t only for traders; they’re for financial marketers too. Content has really come into its own in recent years and has gone far beyond the written world. Within the finance sector there are plenty of things you can do to stand out from the crowd, such as:


  • Tapping into Telegram


A social messaging service that has been used to promote ICOs and token offerings, Telegram attracts financial savvy individuals and is a good place to spark up discussions. It’s the ideal platform for crypto-related dialogue and exchanges with 200 million users and 15 billion messages sent daily.


  • Mastering Medium


Medium is an avenue for thought-leaders to discuss hot industry topics. It’s therefore the perfect place to get noticed through well-written and informative content. Subjects are broken down into areas of interest allowing those looking to enhance their financial knowledge to find your content quickly and easily.


  • Embrace influencer marketing


Influencer marketing for the finance sector is fascinating. While fashion brands tap into the huge social following of well-known celebs, it’s often micro-influencers that can make a big difference to finance companies. While these tend to have a following of 10,000 or less, they often cover more niche topics and therefore have a loyal, more engaged fanbase. Influencers of this kind tend to be less expensive too and more likely to interact with your company organically which is great for brand awareness.

To find more about all the latest content marketing trends for 2019, download our e-book today.

Step Four: Embrace Authenticity

The finance sector is not squeaky clean. There’s no point in beating around the bush. Everything from ICO scams to crypto exchange hacks have somewhat tarnished the industry, which is why it’s necessary to improve brand credibility. One way to do this is by focussing on authentic content. User generated reviews, social media responses, blogs and such like are a great way of showcasing engagement with your community without being salesy. You can also humanise your brand by going behind the scenes, filming snackable video content with key team members and hosting Q&A sessions on platforms like Twitter.  Producing original, unique and relevant content on a regular basis also shows that you’re on the ball and are not just a flash-in-the-pan organisation.

Step Five: Become a Go-To Resource

In this competitive realm, providing financial services is often not enough. People are craving information presented in new and interesting ways. They want reassurance and guidance, so what better way to promote loyalty and trust than by fuelling an education centre packed with useful tips and hints. By positioning yourself as a go-to resource with all the latest finance-related and trading updates in one place, you will quickly stand out within an overcrowded marketplace.

Looking to improve your online marketing efforts in 2019? Then contact the Contentworks crew today. We’re expert strategists and choreographers helping to bring all elements together in order to create a masterpiece that will increase acquisition and retention.

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My Trading Buddy Bring Quality Products & Services to Retail Traders around the Globe - AND Free Trading Education by External Experts in our Blog

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