The Year of the Metal Rat and the China Markets in 2020

The Year of the Metal Rat and the China Markets in 2020

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle. Each year is represented by an animal with very specific characteristics and it’s commonly believed that those born in a given year have the personality of the corresponding animal. So, as the Year of the Earth Pig gives way to the Year of the Metal Rat, it’s time to delve into a brand-new phase of the Chinese Zodiac and find out what the Rat could mean for the China markets and Rat investors.

The Year of the Rat – Good News for Traders?

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  • New beginnings and renewals

The first point of interest is that the Rat is the first of the 12 Zodiac animas and is therefore associated with new beginnings and renewals. This is interesting considering Phase One of the tumultuous US-China Trade War has been agreed at the end of 2019, making way for new discussions throughout 2020. While rats are notoriously optimistic, there are (of course) many turbulent days ahead with import/export controls, investment restrictions and sanctions all likely to cause market volatility.

Traders taking an interest in the Year of the Rat may consider the year ahead as a fresh start. A time to re-examine trading strategies and adjust their investment mindset, perhaps.

  • A sign of wealth and surplus

In Chinese culture, rats are a sign of wealth and surplus with 2020 dubbed as the perfect chance to become ‘successful’ and earn more money. In the Zodiac, there are different kinds of rats including Water, Food and Fire Rats. The Metal Rat stands out for its apparent ability to turn unlucky events into fortune helping to create a stable lifestyle.

With such facts on the table, it can be easy for anyone born in the Year of the Rat to get overexcited and try their luck in the markets. But beware. Whether you’re watching Trump’s tweets or have the best analytic tools in the market, the Chinese believe that bad luck is more likely to happen during your Chinese Zodiac year. So, as always, it’s essential to approach investments with caution.

  • Strong, prosperous and lucky

Strong, prosperous and lucky are three positive words associated with the Metal Rat year with long-term projects being encouraged for 2020. The Year of the Metal Rat is believed to be a lucky one for almost all Zodiac signs, especially if the lucky element of your Chinese birth chart is water (based on Chinese Five Element Astrology). But again; caution is needed. When it comes to the Chinese markets, always adopt a risk management strategy and practice on demo accounts before entering live trading environments.

The Year of the Rat – Trading Characteristics

As mentioned above, those born in each year of the Chinese Zodiac are believed to have the same personality and characteristics as their birth year animal. So, what’s the Rat all about and how could this potentially affect someone’s approach to investment?

  • Honest, frank and optimistic

The Rat is honest, frank and optimistic. They see the good in life and will not get depressed no matter how bad the situation it is. While a positive outlook is necessary within the volatile and turbulent trading environment, great caution is needed. Emotions often get in the way of clear decision making which is why many people use risk management strategies such as placing stop-loss and take-profit limits. Some also make the most of algorithmic trading which is carried out based on pre-determined conditions to avoid last-minute human intervention. Essentially, seeing things through rose tinted spectacles should be avoided when trading and careful analysis is needed.

This is particularly true considering volatility points that are likely to affect the markets in 2020. These include the ongoing trade war between the US and China, the US election and Brexit negotiations. The good news; rats have a love for the finer details in life and are analytical by nature. They’re good at spotting patterns and trends and are unlikely to jump into the deep end due to a markable lack of courage. Of course, the latter is not always a good thing, so a balanced approach is needed.

  • Clever and quick thinking

Rats are clever and quick thinking. These are both very good traits when investing. Rats are always looking for opportunities to make more money, yet as they like saving they’re often stingy with their cash. Such caution may win or lose them fortune depending on the circumstance. As rats are content living a peaceful lifestyle, they’re unlikely to boast of their success even if they do land on a successful deal or strategy.

The Year of the Rat and Other Signs of the Zodiac

So, we’ve explored the Year of the Rat as a whole and the characteristics of those born in the Metal Rat Year. But what about other Zodiac signs. What does the Year of the Metal Rat mean for them when navigating the markets? Here’s a rundown of a few of the most prosperous signs according to the Zodiac for 2020.

  • The Pig – if opportunities are seized, the Pig could have a prosperous, free-flowing year and one of self-growth.
  • Dogs should be aware of gains and losses. Careful strategising is necessary.
  • For Rabbits, the Zodiac predicts more time will be spent on developing their careers. Professional traders should therefore have more hours to hone their skills.
  • For the Monkey, it’s all about persistence. But again, this isn’t trading advice, just what’s written in the Zodiac.

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