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mtb-software-reviewChoosing the right tools for trading can be a daunting task. We can’t review every trading tool at MyTradingBuddy but we can focus on those that are generating the most ‘buzz’. With that in mind, we recently approached Jigsaw Trading about reviewing their tools. They were more than happy to give us complete access to their tools, educational material and chat room. In addition, they pointed out that (unlike their competitors) they actually listed on an independent review site (Investimonials.com). So as well as testing ourselves, we decided to take a look at what other traders were saying about the tools.

Our focus here isn’t just on how people benefit from the tools but also on how well they were supported after they made a purchase. As Jigsaw Trading has a free educational component we also take a look at that. It’s free but is it any good?

Key Benefits Reported by Jigsaw Trading Users

On our initial look through reviews, we focused just on the benefits people claimed. After all, if there’s no benefit, there’s no point us looking any further.

AlfredS “I’m not a perfect trader yet but I am now making a small profit which is way more than I could do before”

MarT88 “That was the “aha!” moment I thought wow, not a single person watching charts will be able to see this huge order sitting there and understand why the price reversed”

JZtrades01 “Not only are the features great like seeing order being pulled and added, but the free chat and study material was a big help in understanding the markets I trade”

Sashafang “monitoring order flow helped me scalp the market much easily and efficiently.”

Martin73 – “ it really helps find trading locations previously not available by watching the charts alone”

MoneyNeverSleeps – “I am now able to read institutional trading so much better, ”

Csstrader – “Its one of the main reasons I passed the Topsteptrader’s combine. ”

PropDayTrader “Overall, I am now 100% dependent on the Jigsaw DOM and it has helped me make much better decisions in my trading. It has made a big difference in my bottom line and it should do the same for you too.”

SydneyTrader “Jigsaw Tool gives me an extra edge in the market”

Welly192 “Jigsaw Trading recon tape has increased my P&L. . Since implementing the reconstructive tape my P&L has doubled”

ChrisA “Jigsaw tradings wonderful software which gave me the ability to learn properly. Coupled with a lot of practice and experience, I make some nice money these days. Not millions, but decent.”

There are many more reviews of a similar nature, attributing improvements in trading performance to a combination of the tools and the training material. Also of note is that many users say that this isn’t an instant fix, that it does take time to learn to read the market this way. At MTB, our experience is a little different. Coming from an institutional background we already have a solid foundation in the concepts behind the Jigsaw Trading tools, so the learning curve wasn’t so steep. What we did see was a number of innovations in the way Order Flow information was presented and like many reviewers, we’d now be uncomfortable trading without those features.

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Who Is Using The Tools?

Many of the traders reviewing the tools are “at home” retail traders but there are some professional traders there. We discussed this with Jigsaw who mentioned that many ex-floor traders gravitate towards the tool. These traders lose a lot of the “feel” of the market when they left the trading floor and moved to screen based trading.
JP (user JPJTrading) should know given his 20 years in Chicago as a floor trader. He said about the tools:

“One of the best products I have seen or used since I made my transition from the pit to the screen.”

image of Jigsaw Trading software screenshot

Image 1 – Auction Vista Heatmap

JP explained the key features and functions that he liked most about the toolkit:

“Having the ability to see order flow is key in trading more so today on the electronic platform than ever before. The beauty of the Jigsaw DOM is it gives you the ability to see icebergs, stacked and pulled orders to further enhance your order flow read.”

Jigsaw Trading Tools can be used in conjunction with other tools. JP went on to explain further that he uses Market Profile for identifying trade location and he also uses the MarketDelta footprint charts and Jigsaw DOM for reading the order flow and timing. He said that:

“Using these three products together is the best way to trade…no need for lagging indicators or moving lines…this is REAL TIME order flow info! As a successful full time trader for 30 years and a trading mentor I swear by this product.”

But you don’t have to be a veteran floor trader from Chicago to use these tools. MTB saw many repeated customer testimonials like that of J. Cronkite from Wartrace Tennessee, who just this year talked about how he got started:

“I started out like most new traders do; reading all the books. I tried all the “technical indicators”, I looked at a lot of “trading systems”. None of seemed to work for me. I saw Jigsaw’s page and decided to watch the free order flow trading course. It made sense to me and I committed myself to learning. It took a while for things to click; now I couldn’t trade without the Jigsaw DOM and tape.”

Again, we should re-iterate that the non-professional traders mention repeatedly that this is not a “get rich quick” tool. It is mentioned throughout the reviews that you have to put effort in to get the benefits. That would certainly agree with our own experience of the learning curve in the professional day trading world too.

Like what you have read so far? Check out the Jigsaw Trading Showcase Page on our Website – Just unnamed

Educational Material

image of Jigsaw Trading and DOM power meters screenshot

Image 2 – Jigsaw Trading DOM and Power Meters

Most of the Jigsaw Trading educational material is available publicly on their web site, some is available just to customers that buy the tools. But how good is that material? Let’s see what the reviews said before we give you or own opinion. Lily, from London said

“Peter Davies provided me with just as much if not more education than my prop firm teachers,”

Mvaltos from Chicago says

“[Jigsaw] videos and educational material is excellent which to me is just as important as actually having good software…. Peter and his team are extremely responsive to any questions.”

LionJay says

“The information and value given for free in the videos are way above “industry” average. Heck, I paid $5k for BS trading courses in the past that really were not even comparable to what Peter gives out for free on his site.”

JakobatOrder Flow says

“The ES course he wrote (youll get it with purchasing the tools) is also a very nice attachment to your trading-journey. I could go as far to say that if Peter wasnt out there I would still be stuck with indicators and idiotic systems loosing all my money saved for trading.”

Kjb1891 says

“ Of all of the countless trading gurus, trading platforms, charting applications, orderflow tools, and trading educators out there Jigsaw stands out above and beyond most of them”

The educational materials are extensive and there’s more than 10 hours of video content. To do our review, we stuck with the “Introduction to Order Flow”, “Kill it or Keep it” (trade management) and “Getting Started in Scalping/Ultra Short Term Trading”. Jigsaw Trading claim that their videos are actually being used by Prop shops in Australia and UK to introduce their intern traders to Order Flow. We find those claims credible as Peter certainly understands the concepts and is able to explain them clearly in simple terms to both novice and professional traders.

Jigsaw Trading Support

Regardless of how good the tools and educational materials may be, when you are using software for trading, you need support if something goes wrong. As our own review period was just a few weeks, it is hard for us to assess how good long term support is.
The reviews indicate that Jigsaw Trading users see the support as among the best in the industry, being easy to reach, being easily accessible, and being quick to solve issues, even when sometimes the issue isn’t caused by the Jigsaw Tools

“The support is excellent, I had a couple of problems getting set up and it turned out to be my firewall and they helped to put that right even though it wasn’t their problem.”

image of Jigsaw Trading Order Flow Alerts screenshot

Image 3 – Jigsaw Trading Order Flow Alerts

Support for Jigsaw’s many users begins with the extensive free training materials that are provided. Every new user is anxious to get started, but each person buying the Jigsaw Trading Toolkit is encouraged to wait and first learn how to use the tools most wisely and carefully. It can easily take a week or even two as we found out from users like this one from Houston Texas who bought Jigsaw almost 1 year ago. He said:

“The learning tools are absolutely first rate and you really get a sense of what the package is capable of delivering even before you make a purchase or take the software for a trial. The fact that Peter provides this training for free is obviously an added bonus, I know other companies would charge a fortune for this level and quality of information.”

Actually, beyond the education, that user also needed some special support. He went on the say,

“I have had to communicate with [Jigsaw Support] on a small issue, more about how to use the platform than any technical issue. He was extremely quick to reply and worked with me until I could get the platform set up the way I wanted it.”

MTB notes that he considered Jigsaw as providing

“First rate product and support!”

The support at Jigsaw Trading goes beyond the training materials as Alfred, another user found out when he bought the Jigsaw Toolkit this year. He got to spend a lot of time with the experienced traders working at Jigsaw:

“I spent a lot of time on skype with Peter and I was trading the ES fin the European morning, after some discussions, I decided to take his advice and look at the Bund and Eurostoxx futures which seem a bit more well behaved than the madness I saw on the ES. So that turned out to be good advice. ”

The reviews seem to reflect a common experience that Jigsaw Trading are easily accessible and responsive to customer requests both in terms of software issues but also in terms of helping out with questions about trading.


Coming from the professional trading world, we could almost instantly see the benefit in the tools. In fact, when we look at the tools, we are left wondering why someone didn’t come up with these features before. Most of the features seem fairly obvious in retrospect. Peter’s no-BS approach to the learning curve certainly reflects our own experience with the learning curve of new proprietary traders.

It’s refreshing to see someone that is honest about the effort required to learn to trade. In fact, that will be the downside for many traders looking for a short-cut. Jigsaw Trading are not offering short cuts, it’s offering tools and education that help you trade like a professional and professionals do not get profitable in a day.

Note that during this review, we did not spend time in the free Jigsaw Trading Chat Room.

Overall we feel comfortable in giving our endorsement to the Jigsaw Tools, especially in light of the fact that they offer a full refund within 14 days if for any reason you decide the tools are not for you.

To Find out More check out the Jigsaw Trading Showcase Page on our Website – Just image of click here button

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