ATFX Affiliates have the Edge thanks to Top Management

Why ATFX Has the Edge in Managing Affiliates

AT Global Markets (CY) Ltd (ATFX) has launched an innovative online affiliate programme, the Marketing Partner Programme (MPP). This programme has been specifically created to overcome the limitations that current affiliate programmes suffer from, while also ensuring that the challenges usually faced by online affiliates are taken care of. MPP offers a fully regulated, smooth, seamless and convenient way to partner with ATFX and grow in the financial arena.

A Partner-Focused Programme

Talking about their brainchild, Dominic Poynter, Head of Marketing at ATFX, and Stino Castelli, Affiliate Manager for the company, said that the first thing that makes MPP stand apart from most other affiliate programmes is that it is completely compliant with current European regulations. This way ATFX’s partners have peace of mind that they are not at risk of violating any regulatory requirements or losing their stream of income due to the programme being terminated by regulators.

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Mr. Poynter explained that since ATFX is regulated by the CySEC and indeed across all EEA countries, including being registered with the FCA in the UK, every programme and service offered by the company is carefully formulated to comply with all existing regulations. He also emphasized that the company has already made the needed changes to comply with the newly launched MiFID II rules, which came into force in January 2018.


Putting Partners First

Mr. Castelli emphasised that MPP has an edge over other such programmes, given that it pays for all leads. MPP has been able to achieve this in two ways, he explained. Firstly, the commission structure is unique, being linked to where an introduced client is within the ATFX sales funnel.

Other affiliate programmes link commissions to the trading activity of introduced clients, including spread, volumes, instruments, number or size of deposits, number of trades and more. Mr. Castelli stated that this was exactly what the regulators are coming down strong against, in the best interests of traders. Not being linked to trading activity and deposits, MPP is not a regulatory risk, while the commission structure ensures that partners receive payments that are rightfully theirs.

The second way in which the programme has been carefully designed to ensure that online affiliates are never cheated out of their commission is that crucial measures have been taken to prevent any conflict of interest. ATFX found that a large number of affiliates complain that their payments are often delayed elsewhere. They are even cheated out of their commissions because brokerages want to keep the major chunk of earnings for themselves. Therefore they use the Last Click attribution, often attributing conversions to their own marketing team. In addition, they often ban affiliates from marketing their services on the same channels that the company’s own marketing department might be using, leaving partners with little choice in terms of marketing campaigns.

To ensure that there are no policies that go against ATFX’s partners, MPP has been designed such that no advertising channels are off-limits for partners. When it comes to conversion attribution, partners are always given preference. To further ease the process for its partners, MPP has a weekly payment window, so that affiliates can withdraw their payments regularly, without having to worry about potentially delayed or missed payments.

100% Bespoke Programme

Just like there are traders of all levels of experience, expertise and risk aversion, online affiliates also have diverse needs. Therefore, MPP is a 100% bespoke programme, offering tailormade commission plans for partners. This allows affiliates to choose a plan that is best meets their needs and offers them the required support. Mr. Poynter also highlighted that the best part about the system was that it was created in such a way that it could work on its own, making the process seamless and smooth.

Given that ATFX is committed to helping partners succeed, not only does the company offer attractive spreads and accounts for traders, while the weekly commissions are based on up to 700 CPA equivalent with professionally conducted KPIs and performance benchmarking.

“Given the programme’s key differentiators, we are very confident of growing our base of partners and referred traders through 2018. We also plan to improve our sales funnel to include additional steps that will benefit different types of affiliates, helping them with their traffic and leads. And Europe is only the beginning,” Mr. Castelli said.

He went on to say that ATFX not only provided valuable educational resources for traders and affiliates, it also held regular seminars, webinars and other key events across the world, through the year. This ensured that their retail clients and partners were armed with knowledge to make informed decisions regarding trading and their business.

Excellent Support

Another important factor that gave MPP an edge over the competition is the customer support services offered by ATFX. Available 24/5, along with managed accounts, the company provides multi-lingual, localised support so that anyone can access the help they need in the language that they are the most comfortable in. In addition, the team ensures that anyone seeking assistance receives prompt and effective help.

“We are changing the way affiliates think about commissions, while providing a secure way to introduce clients and earn from it. The commission payments are equivalent, but introducers are “truly” paid for leads, while being assured that they are in a programme that has the best interests of affiliates as its top priority,” Mr Poynter added.

He elaborated that Europe was only the beginning for ATFX’s affiliate programme. The company has been able to successfully create a niche for itself in the Middle East and Asia. These are regions where it intends to expand its services, keeping in mind the specific regional needs of traders and online affiliates.

Mr. Poynter emphasised that the key reason partners were leaving other programmes to join MPP was the peace of mind and security they gained by working within a fully compliant and regulated set up that kept their best interests at heart.


Discover more about the revolutionary new MPP from ATFX.

HIGH RISK INVESTMENT WARNING: Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFDs) is highly speculative, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital, therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin.


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