The weirdest Initial Coin Offerring ICO campaigns of 2017

The weirdest ICO campaigns of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close it’s fair to say that there’s been a considerable amount of ‘trendsetting’ going on over the past 12 months. Everything from live video streaming to disappearing content and virtual reality advancements have made the year incredibly exciting – but with all eyes on the blockchain and the explosion of cryptocurrencies, it’s ICO s that are really stealing the show.

ICOs: What’s all the Fuss About?

ICOs are like the Lady Gaga of the digital world – popular, intriguing, slightly unusual and at times – completely crazy (follow our lead, here). They’ve the media hype needed to stand out from the crowd yet are simultaneously just doing their job – and what’s that you might ask? Well, to fund new ventures typically within the cryptocurrency world.

In case you’re unfamiliar with ICOs, the term stands for Initial Coin Offerings – an innovative fundraising tool in which a company issues new digital tokens in exchange for cryptocurrencies of immediate liquid value – usually Bitcoin or Ethereum. If the tokens appreciate in value when traded on a major currency exchange, the investor can sell them to make a nice little profit.

But of course, it’s not that simple. ICOs are popping up left, right and centre making marketing an essential part of the ICO journey. The goal is to stand out from the crowd, so let’s take a look at the strangest ICOs of 2017 with the most quirky and unusual marketing campaigns to date.

  1. ASTRCoin ICO

Love Star Wars? Perhaps you’re a Trekkie? Then get out your telescope and zoom in on ASTRCoin – a new cryptocurrency ICO reaching for the stars. Literally.

Simply put, ASTRCoin is part of a blockchain-based database system that will be used to record ownership rights for a number of asteroids in orbit around the sun. Yes, you heard right. Parent company Asteroid, Ltd have focussed on the asteroids in our near celestial orbit and are attempting to democratise space one BlockClaim® at a time. ASTRCoins are currently being exchanged for Ethereum.

It all sounds a little bit spaced out, right? Well, this is certainly a STARt-up venture with plenty of sparkle and they’ve not scrimped on their marketing efforts with a whitepaper, video content and a strong social media presence helping to get their space mission across effectively.

image of ICO Asteroid

  1. Monster Byte INC

If the image of a furry monster chewing on a crypto token comes to mind when you hear Monster Byte – you’re not alone. The name is catchy and memorable (if not a little unusual for a finance-related product) which is always a good start when launching an ICO – after all, competition is fierce so it’s essential to do everything in your power to get noticed.

Their strapline is just as punchy with “play for fun, win for real” giving a nod to their mission: to leverage the power of cryptocurrencies within the online gaming world.

While Monster Byte might sound like some kind of sugar-laden cereal and while you might expect to find some googly-eyed caricature associated with their marketing material, the promotional activity around this ICO is relatively straight laced. The concept speaks for itself and it’s a popular one at that. On 3rd July 2017, the Monster Byte ICO presale sold out in less than five minutes with investors purchasing $207,449.28 worth of Monster Byte tokens with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Waves.

image of Monster Byte ICO

  1. BRAID

As ICOs grow in popularity, independent film makers will launch ICOs in a bid to raise funds for their projects. BRAID has already done it. As the first major feature film to be funded through an Ethereum crowdsale, this movie is breaking boundaries and setting new trends – but as you might expect from a production team not afraid to break the mould, the film is ‘edgy’ to say the least.

In fact, it’s an awful lot more than edgy. It’s a psychological horror with an endless stream of disturbing twists, which is why it’s ended up on our ‘weirdest ICO campaigns of 2017’ list. Essentially, Braid follows two young women on a mind-bending journey of drugs, fantasy, torture and murder with the artwork associated with the movie being just as outrageous and disturbing.

image of Braid ICO

Despite the turbulent and grotesque storyline and somewhat graphic imagery, the ICO details were relatively normal. We say ‘relatively’ as they actually went above and beyond trying to please investors – a move which is too-often forgotten about in this current climate. Essentially, investors are the key to success and therefore it’s crucial to acknowledge their role in the process.

image of ICO token sale

As you can see from the above ‘Token Sale’ information, the team is dedicated to providing a return on investment for those who participate in the ICO, plus 15%. ICOs typically launch with rather scant granular details and therefore this was an interesting read.

ICOs: What Lies Ahead

If you thought cryptocurrencies and ICOs were just a fad; something that will fade into the distance after the initial excitement – think again. It seems ICOs will take centre stage one again in 2018 helping to catapult a host of bizarrely-named digital currencies onto the exchange.

While content for crypto will increase in importance, there will be plenty of ICOs to watch out for over the coming months from Cypherium and Rentberry to Loci and Trippki – so keep an eye on our blog for all the latest ICO-related news and information.

If you’re looking to get ahead for 2018, Contentworks specialises in providing content and social media management for finance and ICOs. In fact, we’ve recently expanded our ICO offerings – so why not contact us today?


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