Telegram ICO – Whats Going On?

The Lowdown on Telegram Ton

Telegram, the speedy, secure and user-friendly messaging app is ready to go big in the crypto space with its massive ICO for Telegram Open Network (TON). Contentworks, leaders in content marketing for forex brokers, ICOs and cryptocurrencies got the lowdown.

What’s The Deal?

So firstly, the Russian owners plan to raise $1.2 billion to develop the messaging platform and launch its own native cryptocurrency “Gram”. The platform will be integrated with most of the popular messaging apps. With the launch, they will not only be a messaging app but will also be instrumental in sending money privately from within the messaging app. It will also be the first messaging app/payment portal that will be competing against the big giants like Visa and MasterCard.

What About the ICO?

Telegram plans to launch its ICO with a presale of 600 million for traditional venture capitalists and with the people in the board’s close circles followed by a public sale of $600 million.  With this ICO, Telegram will top the list of top 10 highest ICOs so far (source:

image of telegram ICO chart

The Telegram Advantage

The large existing user database will work in Telegram’s favour. Presently it boasts to have about 180 million existing users and about 5 million new users join every day. With the ICO launch, Telegram could become the communication hub for the crypto world by replacing other players like Facebook.  At its current rate of growth, TelegramTon is expected to hit 200 million monthly users by Q2 2018. Such a large user base will provide a good base to push crypto currencies towards widespread adoption.

To reach investors/contributors and make them aware of the cryptocurrency functionality, Telegram may follow the path of Telex AI that is using artificial Intelligence to provide related information using innovative and impressive chat bots or Robo advisors. The Robo advisors act as personal assistants and handle variety of tasks ranging from helping you buy your first cryptocurrency to processing all the relevant documentation needed to buy.

The Road Ahead for Telegram

The road ahead may not be smooth though, as the Telegram ICO launch has been much hyped and not always for the right reasons. It has been accused of providing a playground for scammers who share information on channels like PumpKing Community, Crypto4pumps and We Pump. These communities organise attacks on unaware, uninformed traders and investors by providing misleading information and thus manipulating market movements. The pump and dump mechanism is illegal in other market regimes like the stock and equities market. The crypto market escapes the radar because of its unregulated environment.

Telegram preserves freedom of expression through encryption but with the growing user database and new ICO, Telegram needs to be careful with its information sharing and delivery process. It may also need to act as a watchdog to prevent scammers from freely operating on its platform.

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