Content Marketing Guide for Cryptocurrency Brokers

Cryptocurrency Brokers – The Content Marketing Guide

The finance industry is currently undergoing a remarkable transformation, largely due to technological advancements and developments. Digital currencies are now all the rage. They’re trendy, exciting, fashionable, intriguing and if you want to jump on the crypto wave it’s essential to understand what they are, what they do – and how to market them. Cryptocurrency Brokers are springing up everywhere…

Not sure where to start when it comes to content marketing for crypto? Then take a look at our handy guide especially tailored for brokers:

  1. Cryptocurrency brokers Know what you’re dealing with

“What are cryptocurrencies?”

Asking this question is somewhat of a taboo in the finance world. It’s like heading to the New York Fashion Week and not knowing who Victoria Beckham is. Everyone and his brother seem to have embraced the crypto craze, but the fact of the matter is this:

Many people – including financial professionals keen to launch to crypto products – don’t know the ins and outs of this new phenomenon, so don’t be afraid to do your research.

A deeper understanding of this complex concept will lead to better marketing strategies allowing you to promote crypto products in a confident and knowledgeable way – after all, how can you relay information to others if you’re stumbling over Bitcoin and blockchain explanations yourself?

What’s more, don’t just settle for the basics. A quick Google search will tell you that crypto is a digital currency supported by super-secure blockchain technology. Anyone can find that out, so you’ve got to look deeper. Keep up with industry news, monitor real-time stories on social media, watch currency fluctuations, analyse statistics and patterns, monitor trading habits and do everything in your power to follow the latest developments.

  1. Create a multi-pronged marketing plan

The crypto whirlwind has left many confused and somewhat dishevelled marketers in its wake over the past months. Digital currencies have been swept up and tossed around in all directions. It has been completely wild but as more and more people become aware of crypto, now is the perfect time to put a multi-pronged marketing plan into action. So, what can you do?

  • Create easy-to-read content

Content really is king when it comes to marketing new ideas and unfamiliar concepts. Not only does it give you the chance to explain what crypto is and how it works, but it allows you to talk about your products and utilise tried and tested marketing techniques such as article writing, blogging, website optimisation and targeted email sends all supported by a fully integrated PR and social strategy.

  • Diversify your content strategy

What’s great about content is that it goes way beyond the written word. You can educate and inform your target audience in many ways by making the most of infographics, imagery, video content/scripts, presentations and pitch decks. The more shareable your content, the more likely it is to be picked up on all relevant social media channels from Facebook and Twitter to YouTube and LinkedIn. Essentially, you want to spread brand awareness and become a go-to point for current facts and information.

  • Keep the communication flowing

One of the most important tasks cryptocurrency brokers faces it to keep the communication flowing. There’s no point in developing a relationship only to let it crash and burn somewhere down the line. From regular social media posts to personalised emails and blogs there are plenty of ways to strengthen the bond with clients and keep them informed. Avoid being overly generic and always try to address the needs and concerns of each individual.

  • Create a buzz around new tradable products

Exciting news! You’ve new products to trade, so why not talk about them? To do this well, it’s important to know your target audience. If you’re talking to crypto newbies you will have to explain often difficult ideas without losing their interest. If you’re talking to seasoned crypto traders, however, you can focus more on the intricacies between tokens. There may be a time where you have to talk to both sides of the spectrum and that requires a delicate and carefully planned content strategy – one that educates and informs without being patronising.

Don’t forget to put an emphasis on safety. That’s a biggie and something that shouldn’t be ignored. Highlight your USPs and let people know exactly why they should trade with you.

  1. Understand Crypto and Compliance

When it comes to content marketing, compliance must be taken seriously – that’s why we’ve created a full broker checklist to help you obey all the rules and regulations. Cryptocurrency brokers are being significantly affected by recent reforms known as MIFID II. Essentially your content needs to be:

  • Completely transparent. For example, if any of your web pages show your partners you’re obliged to disclose the exact relationship you have with those companies.


  • Fully monitored. You are now responsible for content put out by partners or affiliates. One way around this is to provide them with suitable, compliant content.


  • You must never be overly promotional or give a one-sided view of a trading scenario. Never offer advice or make recommendations either.


  • Don’t attempt to create false or misleading statements. Don’t make guarantees or outlandish claims that could land you in big trouble with regulators.


Content marketing is an important part of business, but it must be done well. At Contentworks, we have a talented team of compliant finance writers, fully clued up on the new regulations. Contact us today for more information.


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