Capturing the NEC Blockchain Lab

Capturing the NEC Blockchain Lab

Blockchain may have recently been catapulted into the limelight, but it’s not a completely new concept. It was first developed back in 2008 as the accounting method for Bitcoin and has since been adopted by many sectors from finance and banking to healthcare and retail.

Indeed, NEC, one of the most respected and forward-thinking corporations in the world has been researching blockchain tech since 2012 and from their labs across the world are finding ways to make this advanced technology a vital and useful part of everyday life.

Embracing Innovation at NEC’s Blockchain Lab

As a global technology frontrunner, the NEC Group is well-positioned to take creativity and innovation to the next level and that’s exactly what they’re doing with blockchain tech. NEC’s blockchain activities are not only revolutionary and advanced but they’re ultimately tailored to create a safer and more prosperous society. While their research is complicated and intricate, their end-goal is surprisingly simple: to create a functional blockchain that meets industry standards and is easily accessible.

From NEC Laboratories Europe located in Heidelberg, Germany, NEC has been focusing on developing a blockchain solution that addresses four key issues which have plagued other blockchain platforms to date. These include superior security; high performance for payments; privacy guarantees for transactions and easily integrated tech. Their smartphone compatible blockchain tech not only meets industry standards but is designed to serve a lot of significant industries across the world.

NEC Laboratories Europe – which was first established in 1994 – collaborates with NEC’s global research organisations worldwide and supports technological blockchain advancements through intensive research. Their ultimate challenge is to move ideas from the research stage into fully operational business solutions and their efforts to create an NEC blockchain that can be used by everyone is a true reflection of this.

NEC Blockchain and the Contentworks Solution

image of Dr Ghassa Karame NEC Laboratories Europe, Blockchain

Dr Ghassan Karame, Manager and Chief Researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe, is highly respected in the Blockchain sector and even lectures at the University of Nicosia, the first in the world to offer Blockchain certification.

NEC has fully embraced blockchain technology. Their dedication and expertise is outstanding, but as their ideas are revolutionary and extremely innovative, they needed to find an exceptional way of communicating their blockchain efforts. Explaining innovation is not easy which is why NEC approached Contentworks to provide a high-quality blockchain-based NEC video as well as web content to help wider communities appreciate the joys of NEC’s blockchain developments.


Contentworks – a leading content marketing agency that provides tailored solutions for the finance and technology sector worked with NEC to create content that explains the blockchain concept concisely. That’s without overlooking any of NEC’s qualities or brushing over the extensive research which has got NEC to where they are today. The Contentworks team flew out to Germany to meet the team behind the blockchain developments and see the Heidelberg lab for themselves.

image of NEC blockchain team meeting

Meeting the team…

NEC – A Leader in Blockchain Tech

The Contentworks/NEC collaboration was a great success resulting in a visually appealing and detailed video explaining NEC’s blockchain contribution as well as web pages that not only break down the whole blockchain concept, but delve deeper into NEC’s blockchain vision.

Contentworks is fast becoming the go to marketing agency for tech and finance brands. Contact the team today to discover the possibilities for yourself.

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